Big Island Car Rental

Big Island Rental Cars

Hawaii Rental Car Categories
Hawaii Rental Car Categories

Hawaii Rental Car Categories 

The Big Island rental car selection include the 12 choices below. There is a vehicle for every need. Choose from economy to luxury. Choose a suitable vehicle for your seating, luggage and budget circumstances. Also consider of the type of driving you are planning.  

All vehicles are current models with unlimited miles, air conditioning and automatic transmissions.

 Car PreferenceCars
 Economy       Hawaii Chevrolet Spark   Chevrolet Spark
 Compact   Hawaii Nissan Versa   Nissan Versa
Mid SizeHawaii Toyota Corrolla   Toyota Corrolla
 Full SizeHawaii Full Size Car    Chevrolet Impala
Ford Focus
Jeep Wrangler
4 Wheel Drive
Patricia and Ron Inman  
Hawaii Jeep Wrangler      
 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
4 Wheel Drive
    Hawaii Jeep Wrangler Unlimited       Hawaii Jeep Wrangler Unlimited  
ConvertibleHawaii Convertible Rental  Hawaii Chevrolet Convertible Rental  
 Intermediate SUVHawaii Mid-Size SUV  
Standard SUVHawaii Full Size SUV  
Mini-VanHawaii Mini-van  
 PremiumHawaii Premium Rental Car  
 LuxuryHawaii Luxury Car  
Pick-Up TrucksHawaii Pickup Truck Rental